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Even Harder Than I Thought

Went out to dinner last night to our favorite local steakhouse. Instead of my usual oysters, broiled fish and veggies, I got a filet mignon, and made sure to slather on extra butter. Had a couple glasses of wine. By no means a weight-watchers dinner. Came home, and slept 9 ½ hours! Woke up and decided it was time to get on the scale. I thought for sure I was already going to be up a half pound at least!


No really. The lowest weight I have come in at a very long time. What the real F?

Funny how when you really want to keep weight off, you seem to gain just looking at a piece of cake. When you actually eat like you’re trying to gain, it doesn’t work quite so easily. Argh!!

On a positive note, I got my weight vest in from Amazon today. 20# should be a good addition to my physique to add some bone density. I’m planning to wear it on walks, hikes, and to wear whilst jumping a few times a week. Sure can’t hurt!

Also, it’s Easter today. Not exactly an epic holiday, but a good excuse to be a little lazy and eat a few extra treats. I put together baskets for my kiddo and my two step-children. Had to pull a few Peeps aside for my own nibbles. Why are those dumb marshmallows so yummy??

Okay, next on the agenda, get some blood work ordered to see if my thyroid is in overdrive. If that is burning too high, there’s no way I can put on pounds. I’ve actually been on thyroid replacement for about 10 years. Both me and my mother had a hard time being diagnosed with our underactive thyroids because we are thin, and young. My mother had more of the psychological symptoms of hypothyroidism, and was just told to take antidepressants for years. I had more obscure symptoms: inability to conceive, constantly cold, lack of appetite, and some foggy thinking.

One thing I’ve learned over the years with taking thyroid replacement, is that you need to test often. Stress, seasons, activity, whatever can impact how your thyroid is functioning and how the hormones are circulating through the system. So, I’ll start there.

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