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  • Daniella Dayoub

How Old Am I....On the Inside?

Okay, so I'm up 4 pounds, and seem to have hit a wall. Although the doc says my thyroid meds are as low as I can go, I know it's also making it harder for me to gain those last couple of pounds. So, I've been trying to ramp up the evening carbs even more and do a little less high-intensity workouts. I know, I can "see" you all collectively rolling your eyes. But I know if I was trying to lose weight, instead of gain, the pounds would happily come on. All our problems are relative, right?

Anyway, while I feel pretty good in my skin, I'm starting to wonder if my lack of menses is actually an age issue more than a weight issue. I'm 42.5 years old and haven't had a period since I got off birth control over a year ago. Not even the faintest hint at a cycle with the exception of random cramps.

If I were my own client, I would make sure to have a deeper look at what is going on with my hormones. So, that's what I'm doing. One of my favorite tests that has helped quite a few of my female clients is the DUTCH test. This "Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones" panel looks at the sex hormones and their metabolites through dried urine samples. In addition, it looks at free cortisol patterns through the day. I find that this test is extremely helpful in not only understanding what hormones a client is high/low in, but also how their body is handling those hormones: are they metabolizing their estrogens/testosterone well? Do they have enough cortisol to handle stresses in their lives? Where do they need support and lifestyle modifications?

It's so much easier to look at my client's lifestyle and test results and make recommendations that it is for myself. So, luckily my GP is on my side with this and will be helping me analyze the results and make a plan when they come back.

I'm so curious though: could I really be perimenopausal already? Could I just need a few more pounds to get the hormones flowing better? Do I need some progesterone to jump start the whole system? I can't wait to get these results!

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