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  • Daniella Dayoub

Taking Action

Started to feel more optimistic yesterday.

Impact Activity:

When I had a break from my clients, I grabbed a 16# medicine ball and did 3 sets of 10 jumps, making sure to pound the floor as hard as could with my flat foot. Phew! Seriously not easy!

Resistance Training:

Then later, I had a good hour break, and set up my first heavy weight session of the week. I started with back squats and got up 75 pounds. Back in my figure competition days I got all way up to 115 pounds (on my back!). That said, I was about 17 years younger, but I have faith I can at least get up to 100 again… with good form that is. I also did heavy chops (parallel to the ground) at 20 pounds. Last in the circuit was 20 pound dumbbell shoulder presses. I did each to fatigue (about 6-10 reps) for 4 sets. Yeah! Felt good, and strong, and I just thought about those bones getting stronger each move I made.

Nutrient Dense Meal:

I made sure last night to not only eat a healthy dinner, but to add a few carbs into the mix to make sure I don’t get catabolic. My salad was not my usual light fare: a can of sardines, olive oil, kalamata olives, avocado, homemade dressing with avocado mayonnaise and coconut vinegar. The extra doses of fat are really important to assimilate the critical nutrients needed for absorbing the vitamins and minerals that make up a strong bone matrix. Things like magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, etc are all fat-soluble. So, even though I already knew this, it’s good to keep in mind when planning out my meals.


I also ordered some blood and urinalysis. As an FDN practitioner I have access to order most any labs I need at well below insurance prices. So I went online and ordered a comprehensive panel that includes: a full thyroid workup, all my inflammatory markers, uric acid, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, a complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, and more. Then I’ll go over this with my GP and get some insights (hopefully) as to what else I can do to move the needle.

Oh, and I gained 0.7 pounds. I’ll take it.

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